Mission critical scheduling for your app or marketplace

Our white labeled scheduling API is trusted for complex use cases at scale and on tight timelines, such as vaccination and mental health appointment scheduling during a pandemic.


We’re more than just a platform

We’re a partner you can rely on, from product planning to endpoint mapping, and everything in between.
“We immediately engaged with OnSched to reduce the complexity of what we have to build and use your technology to support us.”

Oliver Gower, Head of Product at Well Pharmacy

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“OnSched is the backbone for an all-new experience that's a big bet for us. Bookings per week per Fitness Court (outdoor gym) is our primary KPI.”

Jonathan Fudem, Product Manager at NFC

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Two ways forward — optimize for flexibility or speed

Use our white labeled API for scheduling without compromise

Throw as much complexity as you want at our API — account levels, resources, services, time zones, appointments, availabilities, conditions, and more — OnSched can handle it. Your scheduling solution will be white-labeled, include single sign-on, and you’ll manage everything with a single API key (no one else can do this).

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Move up your go-live date with OnSched.js, our JavaScript library

What you give up in flexibility you more than make up in speed. OnSched.js includes UI elements for bookings (customer side), setup (account management), and onboarding (user configuration). And yes, this is white labeled, single sign-on is included, and everything is managed with a single API key.

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Professional Services

From one-time questions to custom feature requests, we are here to support you.


Build on top of your existing infrastructures

Easy integrations are hard to come by - make scheduling your superpower in 3 steps. Use OnSched’s tools and features to integrate scheduling seamlessly into your existing application:



Schedule a demo to get trial API key for testing! Our team will be happy to help you get started.

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Quickly connect scheduling API to your application with OnSched JS for testing.

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Focus on user experience - we will take care of security and maintenance of the scheduling system.

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To Build or To Buy?

Website developers often contemplate building vs buying to facilitate scheduling in their products. See why buying is a no-brainer.


Time to Market

Shorten time to market from 18 months to 30 days by using our comprehensive scheduling API. It's even easier with experienced support team.



Millions of appointments booked, tested by hundreds of developers. Security is our priority, giving you one less thing to worry about.


See build versus buy calculations to understand why buying is actually up to 70% cheaper than building your own scheduling solution.